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It is law for landlords to carry out cp12s to make sure that all gas appliances within the property are safe and conform to current regulations. This must be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer.


This Involves:

-Let by tightness test. Check for gas leaks

-Check standing, working pressure

-Check appliances have adequate ventilation

-Test flue flow and spillage test to ensure removal of products of combustion

-Check correct operation of flame failure devices

-Check appliances – effectiveness of stability brackets (where appropriate)

-Check case seals

-Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to responsible person. An appliance cannot be deemed safe until all of above has been carried out.


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  • How often should my boiler get serviced?

    Your boiler should be serviced annually to maintain boilers performance and efficiency. Also it is a requirement to validate the manufacturers warranty as without a service record will invalidate warranty.

  • Difference between a boiler service and a gas safety check?

    A boiler service is strictly to clean boiler and check for safety and making sure it’s performing to manufacturers requirements. A gas safety check checks for boiler safety making sure it’s safe and also checking that there are. I gas leaks in property and also making sure that all appliances on the gas supply conform to current regulations.

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